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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


Wotb New Application: Nellie




   STATUS || Alive

   ACTIVITY LEVEL || Semi active - Active depending on the time of year


   TIME ZONE || PDT - Pacific Daylight Time


   SKYPE || Maybe.

   NOTES || Yes please :>

   CHAT ||  Nope ^^;

   COMMENTS || Sure


   CURSING || 10/10

   VIOLENCE || 10/10

   GORE || 10/10

   SEXUAL THEMES || 5/10


   ROLE-PLAY EXAMPLE || I nabbed this from a previous rp :v
The first thing Am noticed when he woke was how warm it was. He had been woken earlier than he normally does because of the worm temperatures early on. He groaned as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, stumbling out of his bead to close the window so no more of the hot air could get into his apartment. He normally left the windows open in the evening to let the cool air in ro cool and air out his room. The window is normally closed before he left for the day to get into what ever her gets into. 

Currently he's working as a cashier for a near by Thai place, but he has the day off today. A quick glance at the weather today on his phone he decided to wear something short today. He showered, or really rinsed himself, and dressed himself in a grey tank-top with some sort of Illuminati joke on it and a pair of knee length shorts. Since he didn't like dealing with sunburn, he put on sunscreen just in case he was out in the sun linger than he expected to be. Snatching a pair of sunglasses off of the shelf, he slid them on his face and left his apartment for breakfast. Lunch. Brunch?
 Regardless he planned to head towards a bakery that also happened to be near by for food. Rumor has it that their tarts were pretty good.

A 15 minute walk later and he was at the bakery. The smell of fresh baked goods made his mouth water and his stomach grumble. Eager to get out of the heat, he pushed his door open to get inside. Greeted by air conditioning and an upbeat song in his native language, he removed his dark sunglasses and tucked them into his pants pocket. Slightly curious, he listened into the the lyrics of the song and hummed approvingly. It was nice, not something he would listen to regularly, but it was still nice. 

He approached the display case and looked down. The tarts did look nice. Perhaps he should get something to drink as well.


Basic information


   NAME || Nellie



   NICK-NAMES || N/A but I guess I'll add them if they come up?


   AFFILIATION || Kittypet/Clanless



   SEX || Female

   GENDER || Female


   BIRTH SEASON || Newleaf

   AGE ||9-10 moons (Aprox 13 in human years)


   RANK || N/A


   MENTOR || N/A






   BREED || American Curl


   BUILD || Lean and slender  

   HEIGHT || 5'1"


   SCARS || None at the moment~


   HAIR TEXTURE || Smooth and soft

   HAIR COLOUR || Blacks, greys and whites

   SKIN COLOUR || Super pale cinnamon creams and browns


   EYES || Yellow mix


   SCENT || Bread and cloth 


   VOICE || Somewhat quiet and light but confident




   NEW-LEAF/GREEN-LEAF OUTFIT || Often times she would end up wearing shirts with short or no sleeves. She will wear a vests if there's a cold breeze but besides that she wouldn't be wearing coats or vests at all. She likes to switch off between knee-mid-shin  length shorts and skirts depending on the occasion. When she wants to look nice, skirts are often he choice of wear. When she plans to dress casual she wears her shorts. She tend to favor smooth and light materiel during this time of year and won't ever be seen in anything made of animal hides, skins or furs. Her scarf is optional depending on the weather.

Dresses are only for normal occasions and are really light during this time. The won't have sleeves either.

Even though her hair is short, she always attempts to tie up up in some way during this time. Little pony tails, pig tails and buns.

   LEAF-FALL/LEAF-BARE OUTFIT || This is the time when she will wear the furs of other animals to keep war. She likes to bundle up when it's cold and won't leave her home unless she has some sort of thick wrappings around her feet. Her pants will go down to her ankles and will often have fur lining them. Her scarf is not optional and her hair is left down.


-Purple scarf
-Purple headband










   OTHER || N/A





   INTELLECT || 7/10


   STRENGTH || 3/10


   AGILITY || 5/10


   SPEED || 5/10


   TACTICS || 2/10


   ENDURANCE || 5 /10


   STEALTH || 3/10


   SWIMMING ||0 /10


   CLIMBING || 3/10


   HAND-TO-HAND || 0/10




   HUNTING || 2/10



   EYESIGHT || 4/10


   HEARING || 5/10


   SCENT || 6/10









   CRAFTING || 0/10







    LOYALTY || 0/10




   Honest || Positive | Definition: free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

 Application: Nellie is the type to rip off a band-aid rather than slowly peel it off. She doesn't believe that telling someone anything but the truth will help them, resulting in her tendency to just say when she mean and not blunting or sugar coating her words. Though however good her intentions she often times doesn't understand that sometimes lying is more helpful than telling someone the cold hard truth. She also keeps her promises and won't promise anything she won't be able to deliver. This leads to her being rather bold when she's with people cats (? .2.). 

   Creative || Positive|  Definition: relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.

 Application: She's a writer and loves to write. Writing brings her happiness and she derives inspiration from  [s]people [/s] cat (??? .3.) watching and inserting defining personality of some into characters and stick them in situations that directly challenge that personality. More often than not she's caught in a day dream or even a fantasy when she thinks about her writing. Nellie also keeps a diary journal of her day to day life in which she jots down everything into.  She has yet to actually share any of her work since she feels like they could be better but she plans on sharing eventually.

    Cautious || Neutral |  Definition: careful to avoid potential problems or dangers.

 Application: Nellie can be a bit twitchy when she out an about, making her pretty easy to scare if you manage to sneak up on her. She doesn't like getting caught in situation that could do her bodily and/or emotional harm so most of the time when something seems off to her she's out of there in a heartbeat. However, if it can't be avoided or if there's a good reason to stick around, she would become increasingly more twitchy as she proceeds on though the problem. This caution is seen a lot in her in the form of brief pauses when ever she is confronted with a challenge or something new.  

   Frugal || Neutral | Definition: sparing or economical with regard to money or food or simple and plain and costing little.
Application: She doesn't like spending more time and/or resources on something that isn't worth them. It seems pointless to her to expend extra effort and resources on something that wouldn't work in the long run. She also isn't into a lot of the frivolity most kitty pets like to take part in and  prefers a more practical and straight forwards life. In doing this, she doesn't have the large expansive wardrobes or as extravagant furnishings as other kittypets. Nellie buys, creates and trades only what she needs and no more. She tends to shy away from extravagance is is more attracted to the simple things in life like soft patterned clothing and little white blooms.

   Cynical || Negative |   Definition:  distrustful of human sincerity or integrity; doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.

 Application: Although she herself is a rather trustworthy individual, she tends to lack trust in others. She sees a lot of kitty pets as frivolous beings the act out of self interest. Though her breed is know for their sociability, when it is clear a cat shows a certain few negative traits she will excuse herself from the conversation and will most likely sever all connections with that cat. She also has a tendency to start doubting the effectiveness of plans and things of the such if she doesn't get immediate results or if the results the first time around were small and unremarkable.

   Selfish || Negative | Definition: lacking consideration for others

 Application: Coming form a pampered life, she's used to getting everything she wants even though she was from a family of three. But also because of being in a large family, everything was shared and she quickly discovered that she simply hated sharing her things with others.

Breed traits:
-She is sociable and likes to be around others. She doesn't quite like being alone for too long when she's not using that time for her writing since her mind can spiral out of control at times.
-If she's formed an emotional bond with another, she tends to be loving and very committed to that individual and work to help them achieve their goals. 
-Nellie also special fondness for children and will try her best to reign in her less savory personality traits around them
-She loves puzzles and picking up little tricks


   LIKES || Writing, being around others, kits, the occasional hug or cuddle, simple things, cozy areas and cloud watching

   DISLIKES ||   Dangerous situations, sharing, bananas, the sound of rain on metal, not having immediate results, wasting resources and time, and running our of parchment or ink


   STRENGTHS || Pretty decent sense of smell, running, sociable, and patient 


   WEAKNESSES || Her sight is not very good (probably sue to always huddling over her work in the dark), she can't take care of herself of she's caught in the wild (poor stats in hunting and stealth. Also due to her pampered life), seriously can't protect herself at all,  she is so weak when it comes to beautiful eyes


   QUIRKS ||
-She has a thing for pretty eyes




   MOTHER || Elizabeth || Grey and white tabby she cat with dark accents and yellow eyes || NPC|| Alive || 26 moons||  Kittypet


   FATHER ||

 Charles|| Silver tabby tom cat with dark grey accents and yellow eyes || NPC|| Alive || 28 moons ||  Kittypet

Samuel|| Silver tabby tom cat with white markings and yellow eyes (fraternal twins)|| Adoptable (?)|| Alive || 9-10 moons||  Kittypet
Grace|| Majority white she cat with smattering of dark grey tabby markings and yellow eyes || Adoptable (?)|| Alive || 21 moons ||  Kittypet
Clarence|| Silver tabby tom cat black accents and yellow eyes || Adoptable (?)|| Alive ||  3 moons ||  Kittypet

   ADOPTED SIBLINGS || N/A but I guess I can add on to this as I go


   MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER ||Mary|| White she cat with a ginger tabby tail and yellow eyes || NPC|| Alive || 46 moons ||  Kittypet

   MATERNAL GRANDFATHER ||Joseph|| Long haired white tom cat with dark grey tabby points and amber eyes||NPC|| Alive ||  48 moons ||  Kittypet


   MATERNAL AUNTS || Unknown





   PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER ||Ida|| Silver tabby she cat with white underbelly and pale yellow eyes|| NPC|| Alive || 48 moons ||  Kittypet

   PATERNAL GRANDFATHER ||James|| Silver tabby tom cat with dark yellow eyes|| NPC|| Alive ||  45 moons||  Kittypet





   PATERNAL COUSINS ||  Unknown             


   NIECES || N/A



   KITS || N/A






   PAST MATES || N/A and is no real hurry to find someone


   CURRENT ATTRACTIONS || N/A but really anyone with a stunning pair of eyes already has her attention



   ORIENTATION || Demisexual

   ACTIVITY || Nonexistent 

Since she is demisexual, she'll be more sociable with characters that have these  characteristics rather than show romantic intrest in them. Sort of like 'Oh wow, love your eyes. Let's friendship' sort of thing. 

   PHYSICAL PREFERENCES || Eyes! She's all about the eyes. Other characteristics she doesn't care about. 

   PERSONALITY PREFERENCES || Honesty is really attractive. Tolerance and patience is also good. Definitely not someone who is sensitive.





 Being a twin, it was either her or her brother that was planned by their parents and were excessively doted upon even though they haven't even been born yet and didn't know they were expecting twins. Since one of them was a sort  'oopsie-baby' they lacked a few things to care for he two of them such as a large enough bed and appropriate clothes and toys. None the less both of them were loved and and pampered from the moment they were popped out.

   KIT-HOOD ||
Kithood was a bit turbulent since with their elder sister, who was a bit of a snob and a rather bad influence, and competed with them for their parent's time and attention. Since Nellie was also were presented with anything she would ever want, she kinda grew up as a bit of a hoarder, picking up on her sister's selfish personality since she used to pull the 'older sibling rights' over them to take away the tows and gifts that were showered on her. Brutal honestly also ran though her family's blood and growing up with her parent's stinging truths and harsh realities she had learned her knack for speaking her mind and cynicism. 

When her kit brother was born near the end of her kit-hood and early adolescents she though that little Clarence was the most disgusting thing she had ever come across and really ignored him for his first month or so of life.

 With the free time she got at this time she was able to find her passion in life: writing. She was growing a bit too restless for her parents to handle so one day her father sat her down with a quill and parchment and told her to look out the window and write down what she saw. From there it only grew with her parents' gentle coaxing and support. She also developed a fondness of Clarence since his endearing innocents had slow wormed it's way into her heart. Needless to say she now joins her parents in their endless doting and on a good day she might even consider sharing her things with him. 

She continually oscillates from sleeping for a week to sleeping is for the week when she's in the writing zone. When not writing she's often with others and playing with the younger kits of the village.


 N/A since she's not there yet?? But just in case:
She's mellowed out a lot more personality wise and has more self control over herself. Her time management has improved but is still lacking when she really gets into her writing. She had learned to manage her selfishness and cynicism but still dislikes it when people touch her things. She also has reighed in her brutal honesty somewhat due to being around the younger kits so much and reserves her harsher criticisms for cats who need it. 

She's also gotten more adventrous and restless in her early adulthood and seeks adventure beyond the boundries of the kittypet villages. 


Super undeveloped for now




   :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:|Mortal Enemy

   :skullbones:|wants dead










   :bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:|Major Crush



   :bulletred:|Visually Appealing

   :bulletred::bulletred:|Physical attraction





   :bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:|Would die for




   :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|Best friend

   :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:|Platonic love




   :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|Nervous of

   :bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:|Scared of







Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"


((Example: Frosteye || : devperson : || Mother || :bulletgreen: || "I love my mother, we are really close friends, and I hope she stays with me for a long time." ))




Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"




Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"




Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"




Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"


The Dark Forest


Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"


Cats Outside the Clan


Cats name || Owner of the character or NPC or ADOPTABLE || Relation to your cat  || Bullets || "Thoughts about this character go here"



27 deviations
Alright, so I'm a horribly awkward person. Now that that's out of the way, hi!

I honestly was a bit hesitant to do this after Abidding-Capillary tagged me since I'm literally more awkward than an over turned turtles in a room full of mirrors, buuut I appreciate Abidding too much not to so yeah. Here is a thing.

Tag 8 people you want to know more about: Uh, everyone reading this? 

Name | Just call me Rolling. I just adore internet anonymity too much  to share with you guys. Sorry?

Star sign | Libra

Average hours of sleep | Uh, 5? If schoolwork is chill, around 10-ish.
Lucky number | No clue? 6?

Last thing i googled | The definition of genocidal. It was for a school thing.

When I started this account | Jul 15, 2014 though I haven't been "active" active until recently so like, less than a year?

amount of watchers | 33 like, why? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you all and every thing but like, I'm so messy???

What do I post ? | I did adopts at first because I liked the creativity I had to put into them. Then I was drawn into to magic groups and art for school so now I do Traditional art and am trying my hand at original Digital art. 

Do I run any more blogs? | No?? I don't even think this counts as a blog. I mean, I have Instagram but that's more of a me and personal friends thing.  

Do I get a lot of comments? | I guess? I mean, people thank me for stalking their art so yes?? 

Why did I choose this username? | Well, back when I was a 14-ish I was obsessed with Vocaloid. I just happened to favor the song and chose my username to be this. I do want to change it though later on in life when I'm not broke.

So like, yeah. This is me. Me this is. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I don't use words too well. So, yeah. Here. 


United States
[Awkward turtle sounds]

Hiya! I do stuff. Is it good stuff? No clue.


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