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First Exploration-The Island! :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 5 7 Janus official ref :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 6 0 Blaise Easter Event :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 3 0 Sketchy sketches are sketchy :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 2 0 OTA cat adopts [Open] :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 2 6 Bro! :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 5 0 Evoloon Tracker and Ref Sheet: Blaise :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 3 10 Moonshine :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 8 0 Woosh Woosh! :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 1 2 Melanoid After Event - Part 3 :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 3 0 Melanoid After Event - Part 2 :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 2 0 Melanoid After Event - Part 1 :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 4 2 Blaise :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 3 0 FoxPhase Litter (1 left!) :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 2 6 Dorky Dexter Sketches :iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 2 0
[PST] Icky
The four of them always knew that their trainer was a bit odd. For one, she seemed to express herself in the oddest way. They have never been able to figure out what she was thinking because she is the same person who is able to fawn over you with a face more blank than a layer of freshly fallen snow.
Speaking of snow, this day was the first snow the the years. All of her pokemon, mainly Static and Avery. The skiddo and minum duo were the first to bolt out of the household to play in the snow. Sadly, they didn’t get far due to their trainer’s request for Sumi to pull them back into the cozy farmhouse. It was easy for the bulky throh to pluck the two smaller pokemon from the snow and deposit them back in front of the blonde trainer who had proceeded to fuss over them for the smallest thing.
“It’s cold outside,” she worried as she pulled scarves over each of her pokemon. She knew that they would be eager to play with the powdery snow that now blanketed their
:iconxxrollinggirlxx:xXRollingGirlXx 2 2


Lack Confidence :iconureshi-san:URESHI-SAN 80 14 Nope :iconbolthound:bolthound 23 10 Fox adoptables 2 : Open :iconassigne:aSSIGNE 50 112 [Sketch Comm #14] .:Smol:. :iconabidding-capillary:Abidding-Capillary 6 5 Riikin sketches :iconorangesavannah:OrangeSavannah 44 25 Free Adoptables Lineart :iconcreepynightspro:CreepyNightsPro 9 0 514 - DTA A lonely duckling :iconyesirukey:Yesirukey 57 22 Egg Adopt -OPEN- :iconcheeap-adopts:Cheeap-Adopts 2 0 Egg Adopt -OPEN- :iconcheeap-adopts:Cheeap-Adopts 4 0 Team Asuma More Like Team Hair On fleek :iconmoosefroos:MooseFroos 417 25 Fantasy Eggs - FREE Adoptables OPEN :iconleodragonsworks:LeoDragonsWorks 19 58 [P] - Creature Creation Meme :iconfloofhips:FloofHips 78 16 Share :icontaikgwendo:Taikgwendo 127 51 Boke Light Effect Tutorial :iconfeathercandy:FeatherCandy 19 5
Would you like a fanart of your evoloon?
So, I would like to make some evoloon gifts because I need lots of magic for my loonies. Since I prefer to make them for people active in the group I ask anyone who is interested and see this journal to leave a comment below.
Also, I like making personalised fanarts so when you leave a comment:
(really, please, include all the info in the comment, choose yourself which evoloons you want me to draw and give an indication of a scene - just a phrase/word like stargazing, playing in a puddle, forest is enough. It will make my life easier. Thank you)
Bullet; Blue  link me to refs of the loons you want me to draw
    - it can be up to 5 loons for one person!
    - if you want your loon to interact with someone else's post a link to your friend's loon as well or ask them to do it themselves under your comment
Bullet; Purple  describe a scene you would like me to draw
:iconricchin:Ricchin 15 76
Katsuki-Nikiforov Proud :iconureshi-san:URESHI-SAN 164 24



First Exploration-The Island!
Free? He was relly free? "Yes!" he crised and sprang from his sitting position in joy. The young male's ears pricked as the stranger, or Asher, continued to speak. He was to survived life without human contact now? Sounds fun. After all, life as a companion for the two-legged was becoming boring and too predictable, two tings that he tended to dislike.  It became repetitive. The two legged would wake up, leave and not return until later in the afternoon. Being left to his own devices, the human den was rather large but even then it became boring after the first few months. He would get his meal and then a walk. On a good day, he would go the park. Most of the time though it was to anbd form the den that stores the two-legged prey. 

His ears perked. Six places to live huh? Janus knows that he doesn't do well in cold situations so places that tened to be too exposed to the elements, such as the Valley, Coastline, Mountain region and the Two-legged alleyways was out of the question. That left him with two choices, the Forest ot the Island. Naturally he chose the Island, It was something different. Where he currently lived, forest and hiking trails were common. An Island is new, it's foregin and it sounds like an adventure.

"The Island." he declared confidently.

Word count: 227
+25 silverstones for art and +10 
silverstones for tiny blurb? 

A part of :iconlife-of-canidae-rpg:
Janus official ref
Name: Janus (Jay-nus)
Nicknames: Jay
Age: 2 years 7 months
Gender: Male
Breed: Whippet 
Color: Blue black brindle chimera w/ white
History: ( OPTIONAL)
-Eccentric: Jay likes to approch things differently than most do. With his up- beat and need for movement, he often tends to be strange and unconventional when dealing with things. As a result, he can on occasion be found talking nonsese or collect whimsical things to hoard away or even kick him limbs around in the weirdest ways when he is running just for the sake of doing it.
-Decisive: Janus knows what he wants and he knows how to get what he wants. He's good at making decisions under pressure and often deslikes going into a situation without knowing it's outcomes. He like predictability and absolutely hates it when things turn out differently that what he expects. However, once he makes a decision he never goes back on it.
-Compassionate: He's a good cookie and likes to be helpful when there there is need for help. He dislikes seeing other living beings under distress and even when it comes to hunting prey he tries to be as quick as he can to keep the animal from suffering. 

-Daring: He likes to take risks to get what he wants and likes to live life on the edge. He doesn't like being quiet and still for too long and lives for excitement. Of course, this deads to him making some pretty questionable decisions to get what he wants, heck, he makes questionable decisions to entertain himself in his quiet time.
-Reckless: He makes good decisions, yes, but if it comes to making a safe decision versus one that would lead to excitement, he will almost always go for the exciting option reguardless of the consequences. This recklessness isn't only reserved for decision making. It's also seen though his actions when he's trying to keeps himself busy, such as trying to climb  a tree  to steal a fancy looking trinket out of the nest of a rather agressive crow.
-Stubborn: Once his mind s made, he won't budge. This often gets him stck in some pretty daunting situations due to his recklessness. This also highlights the childish side of his personality since if he deslikes something, he will sulk until he gets what he wants.

-Speed: 5
-Strength: 3
-Stamina: 4
-Stealth: 3

Pack Members:

Pack Name: Silver Gates

SilverStone #: 100 total

Golden Pearl #: 100 total



A part of :iconlife-of-canidae-rpg:

Personal notes:
-Blur 29
Blaise Easter Event
I know that I was supposed to put them in a medow with story clouds but it felt like the wrong angle so I made it rainy instead. I hope that thisis okay ^^;

Blaise and Tripp decided to paint an egg but it seems like it started pouring as they finished up!

For this event: Colorful Egg - Event - EDIT
Egg here since it's a bit hard to see: Egg

Total Love magic: +6
Lineart and Color + 2 
Shading + 1 
Background + 3 

+1 participation 

Alright, so I'm a horribly awkward person. Now that that's out of the way, hi!

I honestly was a bit hesitant to do this after Abidding-Capillary tagged me since I'm literally more awkward than an over turned turtles in a room full of mirrors, buuut I appreciate Abidding too much not to so yeah. Here is a thing.

Tag 8 people you want to know more about: Uh, everyone reading this? 

Name | Just call me Rolling. I just adore internet anonymity too much  to share with you guys. Sorry?

Star sign | Libra

Average hours of sleep | Uh, 5? If schoolwork is chill, around 10-ish.
Lucky number | No clue? 6?

Last thing i googled | The definition of genocidal. It was for a school thing.

When I started this account | Jul 15, 2014 though I haven't been "active" active until recently so like, less than a year?

amount of watchers | 33 like, why? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate you all and every thing but like, I'm so messy???

What do I post ? | I did adopts at first because I liked the creativity I had to put into them. Then I was drawn into to magic groups and art for school so now I do Traditional art and am trying my hand at original Digital art. 

Do I run any more blogs? | No?? I don't even think this counts as a blog. I mean, I have Instagram but that's more of a me and personal friends thing.  

Do I get a lot of comments? | I guess? I mean, people thank me for stalking their art so yes?? 

Why did I choose this username? | Well, back when I was a 14-ish I was obsessed with Vocaloid. I just happened to favor the song and chose my username to be this. I do want to change it though later on in life when I'm not broke.

So like, yeah. This is me. Me this is. I hope I didn't offend anyone. I don't use words too well. So, yeah. Here. 


United States
[Awkward turtle sounds]

Hiya! I do stuff. Is it good stuff? No clue.


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